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Creative/Music/For Funsies

PASSERBY - Music Video - Directed/shot/edited

YOU WANTED A DOLL - Music Video - Directed/shot/edited

TUMBLEDOWN - Art Project - Produced/shot/edited

Art Video Compilation - Directed/shot/edited

PROJECTIONIN - Art Project - Produced/shot/edited

PROJECT HOME- Doc Short - Produced/shot/edited

ANIMALS - Art Project - Produced/shot/edited

I'LL FLY AWAY - Music Project - Produced/shot/edited

I AM TEASER - Music Video - Produced/shot/edited

I AM - Music Video - Directed/shot/edited

BEAR - Social Media - Produced/shot/edited

PROJECT HOME - Soical Media Promo - Directed/shot/edited

PASSERBY TEASER - Social Media Promo- Produced/shot/edited

Social Media Content- Produced/edited

Social Media Content- Produced/shot/edited

What You Didn't Know - music project produced/shot/edited

Social Media Content- Produced/shot/edited

Private Social Media Project directed/shot/edited

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