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Archival Video Work

In the end, our memories are all that we have...

(and the boxes or unsorted photos we leave behind)

Do you have boxes (or maybe bags) of photos collecting dust under the bed or in a closet?


Do you have digital photos from special events, somewhere on your computer taking up space and taunting you to do something with them?

I get it. It's a daunting to begin tackling the process of media consolation. 

I'm here to help you get started and help you turn those dusty photos and overflowing digital files into meaningful and fun videos.

We do it together. You and I.

I'm by your side to make this happen.

We have fun. We laugh. We Cry. We Remember.

And in the end, you have nice and tidy videos of your most precious moments, to share with and hand down to, those you love.

Please contact me to discuss your editing needs and to get a quote for services

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